Cookie Recipe :) Special One ;b

hello guys,

today im going to tell you my fave cookie recipe , im sorry i don't have pictures with this but its really easy !!

1.  buy some apple pie dough and yes thats how easy i am ;b if you like to mske it yourself than you can too.

2. make the dough and mix everything togheter.

3. put cinnamon, suger, vanilla suger or what kind of flavour you like it doesn't really mather. put it in the dough and mix again :)

4. DONT buy apples and all that healhty stuff ;b just take the dough and make some round cookies or just one big cookie whatever you like.

5. put you're cookies in the oven at 175 c  for 10 min. most of them will be ready if not put them in again for like 5 min. more. they will look very white and not the tastiest BUT they ar every crunchie and just really nice !

6. DONE! let them cool for a few seconds and eat them !!

 actually this was more like a tip to not use regular cookie dough but apple pie dough to make cookies.

hmm well i hope you liked it haha :)

goodbye and have fun making this !!

please comment if you're gonna try !



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as you can see. i haven't post a thing yet.    im thinking about posting things about makeup lifstyle and clothes.

you know girlthings , sorry boys ;)

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